Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Without Kids

This Easter feels a little different than most since none of my kids will be here this year.

 I think this is the first year I haven't colored eggs.

I didn't buy my favorite marshmallow peeps.

I did buy a bouquet of tulips for my entrance table.  They brighten up the dreary  weather Easter weekend a little bit.

Hubby didn't want a bunch of candy sitting around just for us, but I did get some nonpareils with colored sprinkles to set in my candy dish.

My cousin, his wife and children came over from Harrisburg and spent Friday evening with us, so I did make some bite sized, raspberry filled brownies.  They are just a package mix and then I iced and sprinkled them.  They are (were) really good!

Tomorrow we'll go to church with Mom and Dad and then to the Lakeview Restaurant for brunch.

It will be a nice and pleasant Easter.  It's just different without my kids!

I wish a Happy Easter to everyone!


Sandy said...

Happy Easter to you also Nina... My kids are all grown with kids of their own.. and far from me this Easter.. I did make up a grandma box and sent loads of odd things I know my daughter can not get in Guam.. the kids will be surprised I'm sure... As for coloring eggs.. I have not done that in a few years...I miss it!
Happy Easter again..

Theresa said...

We will have Easter at my Sister's house! We call it "chicken and fixins"! Everybody brings chicken and side dishes! I have Two Brothers and THREE Sisters, all but one Brother will be there! We'll have a crowd and I'll be thankful! I know it won't always be that way, so I enjoy it while I can!

I envy you getting to be with your Mom and Dad! OH, what I would give for just one more Easter with mine!

Hugs, dear Nina! Have a blessed Sunday!

Vee said...

This year sounds quite different for you. There are some major changes here this year as well. I think the important thing to remember this year is that you get to be the kid! Now that can be fun! I really enjoyed seeing those treats...beautifully decorated...and the wonderful tulips. Have a blessed Easter with your parents and your husband and your church family!

Alissa said...

Happy Easter to you. During Easter, I'm not at home, I miss my parents.
I think you are a great mother, like my mother, I Follow your blog, I'll always come to visit you!

Best Wishes

Alissa said...

I think you are a great mother, like my mother, so I fllow you!

Best Wishes

Valerie said...

Happy Easter, Nina. I loved the pictures. This year I am alone for Easter, but Hubs did ring from his Australian break so that was nice.

Kim's Collectables said...

Happy Easter ,it sounds like you have lovely relaxing time planned though. I was very privileged and had my two grandsons to stay .Exhausted tonight though!

Laura said...

I know exactly how you feel.
I am experiencing the same thing.
I am trying to stay busy-
but it feels weird.

Happy Easter-

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DJan said...

I wrote a post for my usual Eye on the Edge Sunday blog, went for a nice walk with my hubby, and now I'm visiting all my friends in the blogosphere. Those tulips and your decorating eye are just stunning, Nina, as usual. Happy Easter to you, too!

Mitzi said...

This is the first Easter that we didn't have any of our 4 children here. It is sad in a way. We enjoyed a wonderful Easter service at church and breakfast out and now our day is just like any other. Happy Easter to you and your husband.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Happy Easter, Nina!!

With the boys now moved out but only 5 minutes up the road, they still choose to come home for holiday dinners. And we actually get to spend more time with them on the holiday then when they lived at home/ When they were home, they would eat and the retreat to their rooms with their TV's, Stereos and game systems. Now they actually sit and spend time with us for several hours!!

I worked last night and I have to work tonight but I still managed to have a big dinner for them since that is what they enjoy. Times change as the kids grow older and I realize that this may change soon too but I am enjoying their visits while I can.


Marie said...

Hi Nina! Your easter display is beautiful as well! Hope you had a beautiful and blessed Easter. Thanks for getting RC magazine and glad you liked the spread about my home. You're so sweet!


Alissa said...

Hi, My dear grandma. I come back. Thank you for your reply, I first establish blog, I just want to write down something about fashion. Thank you for your support.

Alissa said...

My dear Grandma, I had add your blog to my bolg list, haw-haw, can you add me?

Best Wishes


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