Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don't Mess With Me, Calli!

I'm off schedule!! Oh No!  I try to stay organized and on a schedule or I don't get everything done.  Sometimes that's hard to do.  It throws me for a day and then I re-group.  Yesterday just wasn't going as planned.

Usually on Tuesdays I do office work all day. This consists of mailings, letters and computer work for our Financial Planning business.  (My real work that actually makes some money, as Hubby reminds me).  I had already figured that office work may not get done this week because we are leaving Sunday for a 7 day cruise to Bermuda.  I'm very excited, especially to get out of this chilly, rainy weather we've been having.  Although I must say, yesterday was beautiful here and today's not bad.  This beautiful blue bird now comes to visit me twice a day.

 I ended up working in my garden all afternoon yesterday.  I had to! It felt so good!  It was too nice to not be outside and the gardens are still a mess from being buried under old Autumn leaves and then snow on top of that all winter. That was my Tuesday afternoon.  My Tuesday morning was a complete disgusting bust.

I walked downstairs first thing Tuesday morning to feed Calli, my cat, and to bring my storage boxes of summer clothes upstairs to decide what to pack.  I've never been on a cruise and I've never been to Bermuda.  I have no idea what to expect in the way of activities, weather (it better be nice!), and comfort.

Yesterday was supposed to be the start of the packing.  But instead, I woke up to a smell in my basement, which is a finished family room.  Hubby and I decided it was cat urine.  Our cat, 16 year old Callie, lives down there since she doesn't get along with the dogs upstairs and she sheds so much. I used to limit her domain to the furnace room, but fairly recently I started letting her occupy the whole downstairs.  She loves to just lay on the  couch, which I have covered with towels and sheets.

 Well, for some reason she had just recently peed behind the furnace. At least it's a concrete floor and not carpeted there.  She's never done that!  What was that about?!  She's an indoor cat and doesn't have claws so I can't just keep her outside all the time.  Anyway, I spent all morning scrubbing, bleaching, and washing the furnace room.  I was mad, in tears and ready to put her down.  I even called the vet and asked her about it.  Then I cried some more.  I know, it sounds like no big deal, but I can't stand the smell of cat urine and it is so hard to eradicate.  Then the cat goes back to the same place to go again if the smell stays there.  I just can't have that!  I got to thinking, though, that we had company over the weekend and my cousin and his son slept down there.  They invaded her new space and she got mad!  Once I decided that may be the issue, she got a reprieve!  She's old but she's healthy and the thought of just making that decision to put her down because I was mad at her made me so depressed.  And I don't think I could find another good home for her because she's a 16 year old cat that maybe pees where she shouldn't and doesn't love a lot of people.  Who wants to take that on?

So that  has been my quandary for a few days and it's just been making me sick.  But after the big clean up and the company has left we seem to be settled down again.  Now, though, we're going to be away for a week and my neighbor is going to come in to feed the cat.  How is she going to react to that?  The neighbor has done this before for us but Calli is getting funny in her old age.  If I come back to a smelly mess I'll need to do something.  Any suggestions?  I know this maybe sounds trivial and dumb, but it's a big deal to a clean freak like me, but yet loves her "babies".

Now in writing all these thoughts down, I think for now anyway, I've maybe answered my own question.  I'll just keep cleaning whenever I have to and let Calli live a happy spoiled life until she dies an easy natural old age death.  If she starts to suffer, versus me suffering, then I'll make that hard decision!.  That's my feeling today!  Yesterday was, and tomorrow possibly could be, a different story!


Theresa said...

Well Nina, I don't have any animals so I can't really relate:) But... I bet you would rather clean the stinky PEE than lose your sweet Calli!

Can't wait to hear all about your trip! I have been on a cruise and enjoyed it, took clothes like I was going to the beach as well as some dressy things!


Vee said...

This is the good news...urine is 97% pure. I know! Who knew? And if you scrubbed really well and then sprayed the spot with Lysol, the scent will be eradicated quite easily. Did the vet suggest a UTI? Old kitties get them quite easily. And, if she's really gone off her litter box (presuming she has one), a product called Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract works wonders for getting a cat back to her litter box. It's pricey, which is why I sprinkle it like gold dust.

All the best with this situation. I hope that Calli will be a good girl.

Valerie said...

Speaking as a seasoned cruiser I know you'll enjoy it, and Bermuda should be lovely. After all these years you wouldn't let yourself get rid of Calli.

Grandma J said...

I've never had a cat, but as much as you love Calli, and because she is so sweet,and because she's getting up there in years....I say just go with the flow for now.

Have a wonderful cruise, relax, maybe treat yourself to a nice relaxing spa treatment while out to sea. Eat without guilt, and throw caution to the wind! You deserve it.

Beach clothes, casual day dress and something dressy but comfy for dinner.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Sorrrrrrrrrrry you got off schedule.

The birdie is a Blue Jay. Very, very, bossy and noisy birds.

I understand your quandary about your cat. -sigh- Hope it was that her territory was invaded. Since she is still healthy and etc.

But I also know, that a time can come, when a healthy cat can not still be part of a household. And has to be put down. Not easy but ...

This particular cat liked no one but me. And me, only for feeding her. And she was in the habit of attacking me. I'd lay down for a nap and she would watch and wait, till she could sneak and nip me.

That did it!

I had her put down by our vet, who allowed me to hold her, on the table, when he gave her the shot and until she was very much gone. I cried, of course. But... It was one of those things. And she was warmly held, past the end.

No more pets for us...

Gentle hugs,

bj said...

Hi, I'm bj from Sweet Nothings and I just came over from Theresa's blog.
Wanted to say have a wonderful cruise..they are sooo much fun. I have never been to Bermuda but I hear it is awesome.
Have a great time.
OOO, and I signed up to follow you all the way to Bermuda. :))
Come see me when you get back.
xo bj

Vintagesouthernlife said...

I understand about the pet issues. We had a shit-tzu that would only accept food from us or my son. Talk about trouble planning trips!
I hope you have a wonderful cruise and try not to worry it will all work out!

Kathy said...

Boy! do I know how you feel. My cat started doing strange things in her old age - then she got fleas - she's an indoor cat - the dog brought them in - she had bad reactions then we found out she was sick - she was mine! She liked no one else! Sixteen years is a good long time - she looks good - I think they need smaller spaces - just read Vee's suggestions - sound good to me - worth trying!

Wanda Lee said...

Dear Nina,

Many thanks for your kind words and prayers last week for dear Pam.

Last week's tea post was so lovely and also I am glad that you were able to clean up and also not loose Calli; have fun on your cruise!

Thanks for taking part with last week's TTTT and also with my
80th, Tuesday Tea For Two..,

We always love having you join in the fun with us!.., Hope to see you this week as well, yet I know you're really busy!

Pam was much improved when they left for home last week; I'm delighted to be back in the swing of things once again with my own blogs as well!..,

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

P.S.~ (I will be re-posting about the, May Mini Teapot Swap, for tomorrow.


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