Friday, March 4, 2011

"Happy Trails", The Quilt

I'm back into quilting a little bit again.  I'm working on what may be my last baby quilt for my 6 month old grandson, Heath.  He's the only one of my five grandchildren that I haven't made a quilt for.  I'll show the progress on this later after I get a little further along with it.

As I've been working on the baby quilt, it made me realize that I have missed the designing, the colors, the textures and the sewing of quilts.  Miniature quilts is my passion, as most of you know.  I thought I'd share today one of my first, if not the first, miniature quilt I made.  It's probably not officially a true miniature because it's a little large by miniature standards, but it was my first and they got smaller and smaller as I went along.

The actual quilt itself is 23" square.  I had several of my quilts matted and framed because a few years ago I was invited to display them at an art gallery and they really showed up as art pieces when framed.  Then after we moved into our new house about six years ago, I was looking for art work for my walls and Hubby said, "You have all those quilts up at the gallery, they would look good on our walls."  So I took them all out of the gallery and hung them on my walls.  This one is in the hallway right outside my bedroom.

This particular quilt I didn't design myself.  I saw the pattern in a magazine. I decided to use batiks gradated from dark to light.

  This particular quilt pattern is "Snail's Trail".  Each square is 3-3/4".

   I machine and hand quilted this myself.  The border vine and leaf was hand appliquéd and hand quilted.

Now as soon as I finish my baby quilt, I'm going to get back to miniatures.

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Theresa said...

I love the snail's trail quilt! You are so talented! I always enjoy seeing what you made!

Have a blessed weekend, HUGS!

Heather said...

Hello! I wanted to stop by and say "thank you" for visiting my blog. I certainly enjoyed my visit at yours! You are such a talented quilter. It must take a lot of patience and skill to make miniature quilts. Bravo to you!

DeanO said...

What a beautiful baby quilt - a treasure for years to come.

Valerie said...

Oh Nina, all your work is so pretty. It's a joy to see it, thank you.

Olivia said...

Hello sweet Nina! Thank you for your visit! I am your newest follower! Your quilt looks darling....I just love homemade bedding especially for babies!
Squishy hugs,

Emily said...

Such a cute quilt! You did an amzing job!
p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment.

Sharon said...

In the corridor leading to my doctor's office, they have lovely (small) quilts framed and hanging on the walls. I think they are art, just as paint and a brush. Yours are lovely!

Kathy said...

These truly are pieces of artwork. We have some old quilts - one from my great-grandmother and another from my husband's grandmother - both made of old clothing - my husband and daughter have been inspired to create quilts themselves -
They'd love yours!


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