Friday, January 28, 2011

These Pictures - Priceless

You know those kind of homes that they show on some decorating shows that are modern, clean lines, very uncluttered, with white walls and all silver, chrome, black and white?  The modern, clean line look.  I hate that look!  It feels so cold and not cozy and personal at all.  Well, not my house.  I love collections, warm walls, lots of stuff, pillows, quilts, and a lot of pictures.  I love to sit in my living room and be able to look at all my kids.  And with a son and DIL, Austin and Melissa, as photographers, I get a lot of great family pictures.

For Christmas I got updated pictures of the grand kids and I've been waiting for a few days with nothing going on in order to switch out my frames and update my picture wall.  This week I was finally able to tackle that project.

This is the "before" wall and table top.

I got busy.  New pictures, a couple of new frames, tape, windex, and hammer and nails.  In looking back at this picture I realize now that it could have been a very bad thing to have my cup of coffee sitting in the middle of this mess.

Then I got into the cupboard with all the photo albums to file the old pictures coming out of the frames.  I try to stay organized and on top of this, but it's not easy.  Before you know it you have five grandchildren and pictures just in piles!

After two days, I finally finished the project.  I wanted to get all the wall frames to be more consistent in color. Now they are mostly black or a very dark brown.  The one on the far bottom left is silver but it's not bothering me too much yet.

The table top frames are all silver.  The only thing different here are the pictures in the frames.

These are some of my new favorites:
 Landen (during his Mohawk stage)
 Logan (his first school picture)
Their Christmas 2010 picture
Austin and his baby girl, Leanna

 Collage of Riley, Heath, Brandon and Dee

Sorry to be one of those grandmas that pulls out pictures of her grandchildren and shows them to everyone she knows whether they want to see them or not.  I said years ago I would never be one of those grandparents.  I used to make fun of my Grandpa for doing that.  Well, now I get it!  I can't help it.  Thanks for humoring me!


Theresa said...

I love the wall of pictures! I have them too:) AND we are working on the same thing AGAIN:)

I ALWAYS work in showing the grandkids off when I see my friends! When I am having lunch with someone, I grab the most recent pictures to show them. KNOWING that they want to see how they have grown:)

Have a blessed weekend dear Nina! HUGS!

Unknown said...

I love g'ma's that fib ... I am one of them. Love those pictures they are just darling, Nina. Beautiful family. How could any g'ma NOT show off her dimpled kid-lings is beyond me. I am not organized anymore with keeping them neatly stored.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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Valerie said...

Your house looks so warm and inviting. Don't apologise for showing pictures of your grandchildren, they're so lovely they deserve to be displayed for all to see, especially on the blog.

DJan said...

It's perfectly okay, Nina! It takes the time to become a grandmother or grandfather to finally "get" it! You are so fortunate to have such a beautiful family. Thanks so much for sharing them with me.

Sue said...

I enjoyed the photos and what you have done with your wall.

I too, am not one of those that likes everything stark white and clean looking. I agree that it looks cold.

Cozy and comfy is what I'm all about:)

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Love what you did with the photos. I got so many projects going on this year. One of them is my photos...organize and add to my wall in the hall photos of grandson Owen, now 3 weeks old. It's fun to see grandchildren photos. Thanks for sharing!

Grandma Lizzie's House said...

It looks very nice. It's amazing what a small change can do. Is that one of your designs in the frame hanging on the wall?


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