Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Time to be Sick

I know I've said it before and I'm sorry that I have to say it again, "I'm tired and I don't feel good!"  I'm mostly tired because I don't feel good.  The kids were back here for the week.  They just left yesterday to spend this next week with Diana's family.  I love it when the kids are here, that isn't my complaint.  I hate when I don't feel good and get so tired when they're here.  But just look at these two adorables.
Riley is 20 months and Heath is 4-1/2 months.  They are about 15 months apart, but they're not that far apart in size already.  Riley is just a little peanut.  And if you look closely you can see one of her many bruises on her forehead.  She never sits still and is a very busy little girl.  Heath is just a little cuddle bug, but he's slightly colicky.  He's actually improved in the last week or so.  They both love to be held and paid attention to.  So I guess in short, they can wear a grandma out!  Again, I'm not complaining about these two precious little things at all!  I'm complaining that I have a sore throat and a headache or head cold or flu of some sort.  I also hold the babies quite a bit.  Heath likes to be held and bounced when in a colicky state and Riley just likes to be held to be able to be close to me.  So I hold her on my left hip while I'm cooking, cleaning, whatever.  Well, my left hip and back is just killing me.  I can hardly move when I get out of bed (after not sleeping well due to the sore throat).  Just let me tell you --- you can't keep up with these two all day feeling like this!  So I just better get on the mend this week while they're gone so that next week I'm rejuvenated and healthy and strong and have my energy back.

I have to show some of Riley's fashion show.  Diana is such a good mother and dresses these cuties up every day.  The outfits that Riley has and the way she looks in them should put her on a magazine or in a catalog.
I got her this outifit for Christmas.  Notice her little matching purse.
This little white fur coat is from her Aunt Melissa and I made the hat.
This little outfit is from her other Grandma Lori.  Look at the little black patent leather boots!  Isn't this just the cutest thing you ever saw?!  Riley wasn't real thrilled about posing for this one.

Riley found this strand of pink beads that I have as a decoration on one of my tea set stands and decided they would look  nice with this little number.  You'll notice that the binky is a fashion staple for her.
She then decided to add her pink hat.  It all works!  Don't you think?
Heath looks adorable every day, too.  Boys clothes just aren't as print worthy.  I'll feature him another day.

So now I have a week to catch up again and be good, strong and ready for next Monday. Being a grandma is not meant for the weak and weary!  I miss them already!


Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Feel better! We seem to have a cold or flu bug recycling through here every few weeks. This time hubby got it instead of me. I had to stop carrying the kids around except for VERY short intervals. Fortunately, I have plenty of opportunity to SIT and cuddle with them. Very cute fashion show, by the way!

Sandy said...

What a little "fashionesta"!!
Such cuties can wear out a grandma....but you rest now.
I'm envious, my three grandsons live in Guam and I have another year before they come stateside again....
take care

Theresa said...

Oh my friend, I sure hope you feel better soon! I can realte, when my now 15 year old was a tiny one, she had colic BAD! We held her, we rocked her and nothing worked! I was SO happy when that stage was behind us! Precious babies, fashion show is so sweet, love the hat you made:) Enjoy your rest and get ready for their next visit! HUGS!

Valerie said...

So now you have a few days in which to cosset yourself. Do try and relax a little. I speak as one who would never give in to relaxation and learned to regret it. You owe it to those gorgeous grandchildren. Loved the fashion show, by the way. Take good care.


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