Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Creating Enough Time

As those of you that follow me know, I try to stay on a self designed schedule so that I can do everything I need to do in a day.  I get very frustrated and a little stressed when I fall off my own wagon.  One piece of the organized schedule that I'm still playing with is the computer time.  I need to find myself a better time and limit for this.  I get on this computer to do one thing and as I'm sure you all know, before you know it you're carried off into cyber la-la land and you become sucked into a virtual place that you really didn't intend on visiting at that particular time and when you negotiate your way back out of it several hours have passed. 
Anyway, I've gotten a little bit off of what I intended for today.  I'll get back to this computer scheduling thought another time. 
One area that I do stay on schedule with is my evening time for knitting, sewing, and creating.  I wish I could get a lot more done in that regard, too, but there just aren't enough hours in the day.  I'm also finding that I can't stay awake as late as I used to.  My Etsy shop isn't filling up as much as I would like it to, either, because my creations have consisted of personal items for family, new babies and myself. 
Since Baby Granddaughter, Leanna (due around July 6), has a nursery color theme of pink and chocolate, DIL Melissa has asked if I would make lined curtains for her.  We started off looking to buy curtains and we just couldn't find the right colors in the right size.  Here's the fabric we found at Wal-Mart and it is the perfect color and pattern.
The pink with brown polka dots is the main fabric and the fabric on the right is a pink flannel for the lining.  She wants them lined because their house can get cold in the winter and she wants to be able to keep the cold from coming in too much from the windows.  We need four panels that are 50" long x 42" wide.  So far I have two panels complete.  I was cutting the flannel on the third panel and measured wrong.  I was so mad at myself.  Now I need more pink flannel.  I'm considering writing a tutorial for lined curtains.  If I have time! Leanna should be here in about five weeks, so I need to stay focused on getting these finished and hung.

The other project I'm working on is a summer cardigan for myself.  I'm using a pattern from the book "Flowers" by Noro yarn.
Every pattern in here is so nice.  This is a picture of the one I'm making.
I'm using a hand dyed silk/cotton yarn.
I also am making it a little longer than the pattern calls for.  At my age I don't want my midriff showing.  So far I have the back and fronts finished and I'm almost done with one sleeve. 
This is the back.

With a little bit of luck I'll have it finished before the snow starts falling again!
I never could understand people that say they are bored.  I just can't imagine that feeling.  I need more time to do everything I want and need to do.  Or maybe I need to give up an activity or two. (Thought about what this would be - for a nano second) and--- Nope, not an option.  I'll just keep tweeking my schedule.


Marydon Ford said...

Oh, pink darling is going to have a beautiful window to view ... love the fabric.

And, that gorgeous cardigan ... WOO-HOO!

Yes, cyber space does 'suck' us in & time flits too quickly while we are there.

Have a great week.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Sandy said...

I totally know what you are saying about "Time"... I too have so many things to get done each day.. I've been working on re-doing my entire town house.. yes, I've painted every piece of dark furniture "White". And knit, sew, garden.. luck is with me, I don't have an outside job, so I have more hours than most!
I so love your 'knit sweater'.. it's just beautiful...
Don't be too hard on yourself.. it will all be there tomorrow!

Melissa said...

I do the same thing with the computer and not getting anything else done.

That sweater is super cute! Can't wait to see it finished!

Theresa said...

Yes dear Nina, the computer is hypnotizing sometimes! I have to just get away from it. I spend the first hour in the morning and the last hour at night blogging and reading! You are one talented lady, to make gorgeous lined curtains and the cardigan looks way too difficult:) well for me anyway! Have a blessed evening my friend! HUGS!

Lily Robinson said...

I read this because I thought you were going to reveal the secret! LOL No, never enough time. At least you're in good company... Everyone here complains about the same problem of 'computing' to long!

DJan said...

I think you just keep on adding things and shortchange only one person. Can you guess who? It's in your nature to give and give. At least you DO find time for us who follow you, so thanks for that!

Denise said...

There never seems to be enough time, but one thing I am guilty of is not always using it wisely. Looking at what you have done sure looks like you are not doing too bad. Blogging is fairly new to me and I sometimes spend too much time going from place to place, oh well could be worse! Take care.

Barb said...

Hi Nina,

I hear you. Time is precious and there is never enough time to do everything we want to do. I used to visit blogs daily and blog on a very regular basis. Now, kind of visit by the seat of my pants. That's o.k.

I like the fabric for the curtains and that sweater-fab.

big hugs,

Snooty Primadona said...

Love your cute sweater-to-be!

I'm with you about people who say they're bored. How does the old saying go? People who are bored are boring? I think that's right.

And yes, the internet suction happens to us all which is why I've gotten so out of shape. I haven't gained any weight... it's just weight becoming void of muscle.

I'm starting to think it's going to take me years to get this house ready to put on the market at the rate I'm going. I might need a computer addiction intervention...


Grandma Lizzie's House said...

The curtain fabric is darling. I hope you show a photo of how they turn out. And the cardigan is darling. When you're talented and you love to do something, it's hard not to share with those you love.


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