Friday, April 9, 2010

Summer Landscaping and Snow

I was making great progress on getting my yard, deck and gardens cleaned up early this year since the weather has been so warm and beautiful.  It was obviously too good to last because today is freezing and I even see a few snow flurries out my window!  My rhododendron bushes in front of the house just started to bloom and now I'm afraid they may freeze.
See the pink buds on there?  Some have even opened up.  Now also notice the start of new red mulch around the bushes.  There's a story about this red mulch that my husband won't shut up about.  I was accomplishing so much outside and I needed red mulch like right now.  This was yesterday.  My Bob was busy working so I thought, well, I'll just call the landscape/stone yard myself and have it delivered.  I consider myself a pretty intelligent person and I also consider myself a little bit of a perfectionist, but two things that I am really poor at is judging distances and measurements.  So when the lady asked me how much I needed I asked her to quote me amounts.   So she said three scoopfuls would cover approximately 130 square feet.  I thought that sounded like a lot.  I said, "good, how much to deliver?"  and she said, "$65.00".  The other place I called quoted me $70.00 so I told her that sounded OK and to please deliver that afternoon.  Well, when the big dump truck pulled up and dumped this little bit of mulch in my designated area I couldn't believe that's all there was.  I was hoping none of the neighbors were watching because it looked so pitiful to see this little bit of mulch plop out of this big dump truck.  Bob was not happy when he saw that was all I got.  I DIDN'T KNOW!!

I'm determined now to make it do as best I can because I don't want to admit that I goofed up on this.  If I can get the mulch just right around the front of all the bushes it will look good.  Then this area here where the mulch is lying I may do someting else.  Rocks or planters maybe.  I'll figure it out.  Live and learn, again!  As soon as I started moving and spreading the mulch yesterday it started to rain.  That's why now the blue tarp. 
I also got my little purple painted bench and watering can and flower box out.

I painted it purple to go with the grape and Tuscan theme of my house.  As you can seen, this area needs mulched. 
Today I got the fake plastic flowers in the window boxes upstairs. 

I don't use real ones because I don't want to have to open the windows and take the screens out every time I need to water them.  Since they're up high you really can't tell the difference.
Last week I worked on the back deck.  I've been wanting to get new red cushions and a red grill.  My mother suggested this because she saw them in K-Mart and she was right.  I finally got it and I love it.

I also spray painted all five of these chairs.  The set is five years old and is very good and sturdy, but it was getting rusty.  I found silver hammered metal spray paint by Rustoleum and it worked great.  They look brand new.  The new color scheme for my deck is this red, with green and some gold. 

I was in JoAnn's and they had these on clearance.

The wallhanger is hanging outside on the wall behind the table.  It was $5.  Then the tray was marked down to $1.50 because there is a little ding in it.  I didn't even notice.  As you can see, they also match the table runner on my inside kitchen table.  I was so excited about these little finds.
That's it so far.  It's obviously too early here for flowers and plants to go out.  I did good for only being the first week of April.  I usually don't get this far until the end of May.  I guess for good reason.  There's even more snow coming down right now.  We went from summer back to winter within 24 hours.


DJan said...

Wow, the deck is just gorgeous, and everything looks brand new! You do work awfully hard, Nina, I just hope you can take some time for yourself and enjoy those beautiful deck chairs!

Theresa said...

Cute mulch story, sounds like something I would do:) Great job on the furniture and love the Joann purchases! Hope the weather will be beautiful soon and stay that way! Hugs to you dear Nina!

Anonymous said...

You've been busy! Your deck is gorgeous. We lost 10 bushes this winter that all need replacing. It's going to be an expensive trip to the nursery for replacements.

Marydon Ford said...

Everything is lovely, you've been a busy one, Nina.

Have a lovely weekend.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Snooty Primadona said...

I so miss Joanne's!! We used to have one here & they left a few years ago. I loved that place!

Everything looks so pretty! If you could see all of mine covered in dirt from the last storm, you'd gag & it's like we have a new storm every day. It's a losing battle!

I wonder how many times I can use exclamation points in one comment? LOL! It's just so me.


Annette said...

I sympathize with you about the mulch because I'm terrible at measures too!!!! I haven't even started on my yard yet because I never know what will happen this early in April!!!

Laura said...

When I rad your comment on Marla's blog about dressing up, I just had to come over for a visit.
After dressing up as a high school teacher, it is hard in retirement- with all I like to get done in the house and yard to get back to that habit.

I can not compute distance. Do not feel badly.
I should buy my mulch by the truckload but I am headed to WalMart where I buy it by the bag (red too- like yours).

Enjoyed visiting,


Ann said...

Fake flowers for the window box...I totally need that for my porch. I'm so bad weeds(!) have taken over my window boxes.

Lily Robinson said...

I wanted to get some work done tonight but ended up running errands and dining out.

I love the fake flowers. I put some in my chives last year. They wintered well!

I've gotta get some mulch soon. I take a trailer to the gravel pit for mine. One bob-cat bucket is 1/2 cu. yd. Usually, if you tell them how big your area is and how deep you want the mulch to be, they'll tell you how much you need. A cu/yd is 3'x3'x3'. If you want your mulch to be 3" deep, a cubic yard will cover 108 sq ft. Send me your measurements (the garden, that is) and I'll tell you how much mulch you need.

Holly Renee said...

Ha! The mulch story sounds to much like me. I wouldn't want to admit my goof up either. Your yard and house look so nice. How awesome. I really like your blog.

PS- Thank you for the kind comments on my blog. Much appreciated! I'm overwhelmed at the support people have shown me.


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