Friday, April 23, 2010

Landscaping, Gardening and Outside Decorating

The weather continues to be beautiful in Western Pennsylvania.  Except for a few pop up snow flurries and very cool at night, the sun has been shining on us much earlier this season than in years past.  I'm taking full advantage of this and working outside as much as I can.  It's not only great exercise but I love the results.  I love to look out the window and see flowers on the deck or drive up to the house and have everything look neat and manicured.  I know, a little OCD, I admit.  But it makes me feel good. 
If you read my post from about a week or so ago, you know that I kind of goofed up on how much mulch to order.  Well, my neighbor offered to take his pick up truck and go to the stone and mulch yard and picked me up another scoop or so of the red mulch.  Free delivery this time.  I have the best neighbors.  Both neighbors on either side of me are retired and they work outside all day long.  The truth is, they are more OCD than me.  So I think they are willing to help me out with things because they don't want  the house next to their perfectly manicured yards to look like crap.  Whatever the reason makes no difference to me.  I appreciate their work and their help.
So here's the finished result of the mulch debacle.
And notice the beautiful rhododendrun in full bloom.

Everything's blooming and the grass is so green.

I shoveled and raked 'til I had blisters, a sore shoulder and my back hurt so bad I could hardly stand up, but it was worth it.

Now that the front of the house is done, I'm working my way down back.  Starting with the back deck.  I started it a few weeks ago with my red grill, cushions and painting the chairs.
(See April 9 post).  Now I've added a red fountain that I saw at K-Mart.
It looks like a cracked Tuscan like barrel.

Added the red geraniums on the wall and above the door. These are fake.  From Jo-Ann's.  Sometimes the fake stuff just works better.  It always looks good and requires no watering and trimming and they don't die.

Got the hummingbird feeder from Wal-Mart.  Planted yellow dalias and red dianthus in the window boxes.  They show up prettier in person and they should fill in.  These are real.  From Lowe's

Filled these porch boxes with yellow dalias and red gerber daisies.  Mom found me this darling rooster pillow at Lowe's.  The perfect colors and maintains my rooster theme.

I had this garden stool and thought it went pretty well with my red, gold and green color scheme.  But if you can notice, the flowers were an orange and not really red.  This bothered me so much, even though everyone told me it was close enough.  I just couldn't get past it.  So I got out my red paint and a little paintbrush and painted each orange flower red.

Isn't that better?  Believe me, in person it's much more noticeable.  Really, it is.  I'm happy with it now.

Then finally, here's the latest addition I just worked on today after a Big Lots trip.  The plaque on the wall, the plant stand and the watering can all from Big Lots.  I had the pots and filled them with red gerber daisies (real) and the rooster had been in my kitchen.

Now I'll be moving on to my sitting area and little garden under the deck and the garden beside the shed.
More to come -----


Rae said...

Your place is gorgeous and you have done a fantastic job with the landscaping. It is such a pleasant and satisfied feeling when everything is done and looking nice.

Cottage Rose said...

Wow you sure have been a busy bee... your hard work shows.... your front yard looks so lovely... what a sweet neighbor to give you a hand,,, or truck..... the back is just as beautiful the view is so pretty.. looking forward to seeing more... have a great weekend..


Theresa said...

WOW Nina, love it all... the stool is precious with the red flowers, the plaque is welcoming and I love, love, love the view! I could sit there, lean up against the pillow your Mama found and read a good book:) Hugs my friend, have a blessed day!

DJan said...

How absolutely lovely! It's true that the orange flowers didn't look all that different, but I think you did the right thing, or it would have bugged you. And yes, you do have wonderful neighbors. The rhodies are gorgeous!

Always Nesting said...

Nina, your yard and deck are beautiful. I love all your touches of summer. That view from your deck is incredible.

H. Nizam said...

Hello pretty granny,
Thank you for following my blog on Google Friend Connect. I have also followed you there.
Let's keep in touch.

Sandy said...

I miss gardening in the North.. I have been in Florida for 9 years now and tropical is just not the same.. but I do love my yard and home...
you have a beautiful blog..

Grandma Lizzie's House said...

Your yard looks beautiful and so inviting. Even though I just have a small patio on my condo, I feel a sense of pride with my planters of flowers. I'm hoping to grow tomatoes and peppers also this year.

Lily Robinson said...

Wow! You've been busy. I would have painted them too. OCD? I suppose.

I fell in love with fake flowers last year. Remember how I added them to my new mini-garden by the steps that Ali helped me build? I took them apart and added them sparingly to my ground cover and chives. They withstood the winter! It's nice to look out and see color peeking through the snow!

You have a knack for dressing up the outside, too!


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