Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Now My Washing Machine Died

The funeral for Grandma on Saturday went well, for being a funeral.  Many out of town family members came into town for the weekend, which was so nice to see.  By Sunday at noon all the family had left to return home.  At 2:00 in the afternoon My Bob left for Pittsburgh airport to then fly to Orlando for a two day business meeting.  I was alone, it was quiet, and I thought I would spend the next two and a half days just resting, cleaning and doing laundry from the family guests, and then knitting and sewing.  Well, that was wishful thinking.
Sunday night actually was very nice, relaxing and quiet.  I was just so tired that I knit for a little while and then went to bed by 10:00, which is about two hours earlier than normal for me.  Monday morning I woke up with the intent on going with Mom and Dad to the cemetary to witness the burial of Grandma.  I threw a load of sheets into the washer and as I was getting some mail together to take with me to the post office I heard a loud screech from the laundry closet, then I smelled smoke.  As I walked toward the laundry I saw smoke.  I immediately called the appliance store where we purchase almost all our appliances and they said they would be out sometime during the day.  So I didn't go to the cemetary and I waited until they showed up around noon.  The diagnosis: the clutch had locked up and you can't just replace the clutch since it's enclosed in the transmission, so they would need to order a new transmission and then take the washing machine into the shop, take it apart, replace the transmission and put it back together.  How long was that going to take and how much was that going to cost?  In the meantime I wrung out the wet sheets as best I could and threw them in the dryer.  The pile of more sheets and towels sat there to my disgust. 
This morning my handy dandy appliance man called to tell me the cost to repair would be a little over $300 and he could have me a brand new washer by this afternoon for $450.  So that's what I went with. 
Then my DIL called and she was coming into town for an appointment.  I told her over the weekend that the next time she came to town, or I went to her house, we would make a trip to JoAnn Fabrics to pick out the fabrics for a new baby quilt for Leanna, due in July.  We agreed to meet at 11:00 so that I could be back home by noon so I wouldn't miss the delivery of my new washing machine after noon.  The colors of her nursery are pink and chocolate with teddy bears,  so this is what we chose.

Won't this be cute?  The pink puffy flannel on top will be the back.

As I waited for my new washing machine to show up, I was cheered up some more by the UPS truck dropping off a package for me.  It was my Pajama Jeans that I had heard about and ordered on line a month ago.  I was so excited.  I unwrapped the package and read the attached tag that said, "Wash in cold water before wearing because of the dark blue dye."  You really realize how much you need a washing machine when you don't have one.  I tried them on anyway and instantly fell in love.  They look like blue jeans, but feel like sweat pants.  Exactly what I have been searching for!   They fit and feel so good. 
I took my own picture so it took several takes to get this.  Love Them!

Finally, the big present for the day, my washing machine arrived.  It's just a nice, but very basic white one.  I only have a small space so I can't get anything big and fancy and bulky.  But that's OK.  My laundry room is actually a double closet in my hallway right outside my bedroom.  I love it there as it's so convenient.  I fixed it up to look as much like a laundry room as possible. 

I made the little mini quilt on the right to cover up the knobs and tubes.  The little laundry hanging above the cupboards was actually a wallpaper border that I fussy cut around each little piece of clothing and then hung it up so it actually looks like it's handpainted instead of walllpaper.

After I cleaned the floor and carpeting from the mess of the appliance men, I was back in business.  My new Pajama Jeans are washed, the sheets are now all clean, and the quilt fabric has been pre-washed.  It ended up not being such a bad day after all.  I would have rather not had to spend the money for the new washing machine at this point, but what was I to do?

Now I kind of wish that My Bob was going to be away for one more day  because I think tomorrow I would have been able to finally relax a little more.  But he's due home very late tonight so tomorrow will be back to work.  For some reason when he's home it's just a lot more work --- as much as I love him!


Beansieleigh said...

Hi Nina.. First I wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about the loss of your grandmother. I remember wanting to write sooner, but I'm afraid my occasional lack of focus and memory retention got the better of me there.
My sincere apologies, and I hope this finds you and your family well... As for your washing machine.. My gosh! Who knew washing machines could have transmission problems?!! I thought that was just with cars!!! Glad to see you have your new one now!.. Love the fabric you picked too! ~tina

Marla at Always Nesting said...

Wow, and the washer too!

Love that fabric. It's adorable!!

Theresa said...

Girl, you have had a time lately! I am sorry about your washing machine but happy that you got a new one. Love the PJ jeans, look so comfy. Sweet fabric for the new baby curtains. I LOVE what you did with the laundry room around the top. Cutest little clothes hanging up there. Love it Nina, hope you have a great rest of the week. Hugs from Georgia!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm so sorry about your grandmother. The loss of a loved one is always hard. And then to have your washing machine go out...just icing on the cake. I will say I'm so glad you got the basic washer - I bought a fancy high efficiency one and I hate it. Have hated it since the first day and I'm stuck with it. I learned a lesson though - new and improved isn't always improved. blessings, marlene

Lily Robinson said...

They say deaths come in threes... Thank goodness the third one was just a machine!

It's handy having the laundry room in the hall. I had one there before and it was nice. Not much room, but no lugging everything across the house.

Now I've got to go google pajama jeans! Sounds like what I've been waiting for...

BeautifulDees said...

Nothing worse than the washer going out. You look good in you pj's, how do you stay so slim?
Love ya,Debbie

DJan said...

I like what Lily said about the third death being the washing machine. And it's now brand new. Love your new pajama pants, they look great! I hope you can get some relaxation in now, since you are definitely in need of some. It's been a hard time for you lately, and you have been in my thoughts and prayers.

Annette said...

Well, I'm glad that's all taken care of and you can rest now. But I know what you mean about hubby being more work! When they're away, you can do what you want, when you want and where you want without thinking about someone else! It's a nice break once in a while!!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh Nina, I know what you mean! Husbands are a lot more work and you can't get as much done with them there! Couldn't live without 'em though. I just had to replace my washing machine about a month ago. Cost too much to fix the old one, just like yours. Your little laundry room is so cute! Have a nice weekend! Twyla


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