Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day and More

Snow, snow everywhere.  It's been quite a few winters since we've had this much. Just take a look at my Winter Wonderland picture on the sidebar and add about another foot of snow to it.   And today it's not just snow, it's 10 degrees and we are right on the border of blizzard warnings.  Everything is closed.  Schools, stores, roads and highways.  Perfect day for me because as you know, I love to stay home.  I feel so bad for those that have to be somewhere or go outside for whatever reason.  My son, the Air Force Recruiter, had to walk to work.  Thank goodness he moved, because now his office if only about 1/4 mile from his home.  He was supposed to take a couple recruits to Pittsburgh for testing and physicals, but that's not happening.  The testing place is closed and I think the roads to get there are closed.
I really feel sorry for animals that are outside.  This was brought to my attention by my new blog friend, Maggie, at  Her post really made me think about this and made me feel so bad.  Pets that are ignored or left outside by their owners is just so sad.   I don't personally know of any or see any in my neighborhood, but I know there are plenty out there.  Please bring them inside people!  My own little Fergie, the 5 pound toy poodle, won't even step out the door when the weather is like this.  I lay newspaper by the front door for him.  But so far today, and it's 11:20 am, he hasn't done a thing since he got up this morning.  I keep looking and sniffing around the house but I'm not finding any messes.  He's sleepinig in between his pillows on his little bed right now.

Yes, he has a four poster bed!  He's the little apricot colored ball laying in there.

OK, so now what about American Idol last night.  I wish it were on for two hours.  They just don't have time to show everyone.  Here are my picks from last night:  Andrew Garcia.  He was the very first one.  A father that wants a better life for his little boy;  Casey James.  Real cute.  He took his shirt off at the original try out, and he plays the guitar.;  And Crystal Bowersox.  She had her son's name tatooed on her neck right before the show and she sounds like Carol King.  We'll see how good my predictions are.  Don't forget to watch tonight.

An update on Mother Millie (MIL).  She has a doctor's appointment today and my sister in law is taking her.  The doctor is recommending that she discontinue the chemo treatments and let hospice now come in to keep her comfortable.  This is very sad to come to grips with, but Millie has accepted this fact.  They are going to increase the strength of her Oxycodone to alleviate more of the pain that this pancreatic cancer is forcing upon her.  It's just come to the inevitable point of nothing more can be done except trying to keep her comfortable.  Why her?  This cancer question still really puzzles me.

Here's my newest knit hat I just finished.  I don't think I'm going to sell it or give it away.  It is so warm and comfortable.  I need it for myself right now.  It's knit from a a tweed washable wool and the buttons I used are all from my grandmother's button collection kept in an old tin that I inherited. 
I think I'll make some hand warmers to match.

Now I've come up with this new idea to make cute little pillows and sachets.  I made this one for Valentine's day for myself. 
 I'm going to make some more to sell on Etsy.  I am trying to get some dried lavendar to fill them with.  In the meantime, I'll just have to use Poly-fil.  I love to use ribbon, lace, buttons and charms to embellish.


Snooty Primadona said...

I really have been reading your posts, I just haven't had time to comment. I feel lucky to have the time to read them these days.

If it makes you feel any better about the snow, we are supposed to get our 4th snow storm this winter and it never snows in West Texas!

Our SPCA here is talking about closing their doors because they have no funding. They are feeding the animals out of their own pockets, which just makes me want to cry! Guess I'll have to send them what I can today...

We only watch the first part of American Idol, where they tell all the crazy people they're terrible, LOL!

Linda said...

What a nice blog. I shall visit again.

Marla at Always Nesting said...

You are so right about all the animals that may be out in the freezing cold. My big girl hates to go out even in the rain.

I'm so sorry about your MIL. What a sad time. My dad passed from cancer.

Glad you get to be home "nesting." There's no place like home. This is me clicking my red sparkly heels.

Theresa said...

Oh my, ALL of that snow while beautiful, is really too much. I am sorry about your MIL. I know that God will take care of all of you and her:) I love the hat and the hearts that you made, you are one talented lady. Have a blessed day dear Nina! Hugs from Georgia!

DJan said...

You know I have been reading faithfully. For some reason blogger didn't show me your newest posts, so I'm catching up. Love the hat! I will finish the sweater today, and then I'll block it. And yes, it's so sad to hear about the freezing animals. Prayers for your MIL.

Cottage Rose said...

We never miss American Idol,,, love to watch it... so far the ones you picked I really like too, but the girl with the long blond hair that sang the song Kara wrote she is really good too... your heart is so cute, oh and that hat is adorable,, wish I could knit like that... My Prayers are with your sweet MIL,, as well as the family.... God Bless you all....


Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

We are snowed in today, too. We had to shovel out a square off the back porch so our Bichon can go potty. I made sure that the bird feeder on our porch was filled.

Annette said...

Love the red hat!! I will keep your MIL and family in my prayers.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Nina, oh, how I love your little Fergie. I am a poodle lover! We have a cream one that has an apricot strip down his back and apricot ears (which he chews on so they're not long). They are so smart, I don't think he would potty in the house, because they know better. I, too, feel so sorry for animals I see outside. I think it's inhumane. I adore American Idol! I like Casey James also. He is my early favorite. Have a nice day! Twyla

Lily Robinson said...

That hat is awesome! I think it's the same yarn I used to make a hat/scarf set for myself. Maybe I'll post some pics. Mine's not as cute... I don't know how to cable yet.

It's sad that so many animals are neglected. Even summers are harsh if left to the elements. But some are over-reacting. I heard a story yesterday about these poor huskies that were out in the cold. Huskies love the cold! Sadie even loves being out all day in it. She comes in with Daddy, but when he's out, she HAS to be out. She really loves this deep snow. It's fun to watch her leaping and frolicking!


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