Friday, January 22, 2010

Such a Problem!

I have a problem!  I can't get everything done in a day that I have told myself I need to do.  I don't think it's that I do that much.  I really am coming to realize that the problem is me.  I'm so slow at everything I do.  Yes, time is an issue.  There just isn't enough of it.  Here's the real problem.  And I hate to throw these terms out there because they are overused and abused and not really understood.  But I think I have ADD and OCD, and I'm a perfectionist.  There has been much discussion in our family lately about the tendancy in our family to be blessed with these conditions.  I always felt I had OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), but I am starting to think I also have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).  But doesn't everyone have a little bit of both of these conditions?  Isn't everyone like this?  Honestly, I think the answer is  "no". 
Here's an example:  In helping Melissa clean and decorate their new home for the past two days I had a list of things we wanted to get done in two days.  It was a very do-able list.

 But this is what I do:  I start to install the curtain rods on the first of two windows in the boys' play room.  Should only take about ten minutes to screw in four brackets.  Then I notice that the windows are filthy.  I get down off the step stool, find the windex and clean the windows.  Then I notice the curtains we are going to hang are ones that were previously hanging in the boys' old bedroom.  They haven't been washed, ever.  So I throw those into the washing machine.  OK, now back to the windows.  The inside of the glass is clean (the outside will have to wait until spring), but the window frames and sills are filthy, which I discovered while cleaning the glass.  They aren't just dirty, they are old and should be replaced, but I can only do so much.  Back down off the step stool and get the pledge and Old English.  If you have never used Old English to shine up wood and cover scratches, you need to get it.  It can make old, scratched, dull wood shine and look like the pretty antique that it is.  OK, got that done.  Then continue with the brackets. Oh shoot!  I put the first one up backwards.  Now I need another cup of coffee.  I go into the kitchen and notice there are some sticky spots on the floor.  I have to clean the floor before I can get my cup of coffee.

 Ten minutes later, OK, now take a few sips of coffee and back up on the step stool and finish putting up the brackets.  Throw the curtains in the dryer just for about five minutes, get them on the curtain rods, hang the rods up, adjust the curtain so they hang right,

 set the TV stand and TV back in place, notice that the TV is dusty and a knob needs fixed on the TV stand.  You got it! have to dust the TV and fix the knob.  Need to vacuum the floor after making all the mess from the window project, but we're starving and decide to take a break and go to lunch.
That's just one example of how I do things.  A ten minute job takes me two hours.  It's done right, but could it have been done right without taking so long?  If so, I don't know how. 
Today I'm back home and on my list for today is laundry, finish sewing buttons on new knitted neckwarmer and get it listed on Etsy, check all the e-mails since I haven't been home for two days, get started on bookkeeping for 2009 taxes, clean the foyer floor, and wash my hair.  So while blogging about it all, it's almost 3:00, and I got 3 of the 4 loads of laundry done, checked the e-mails but got totally distracted by an HGTV e-mail that I had to look into, washed my hair (which led to cleaning the bathroom), picked out buttons for the neckwarmer (that took a while), got some 2009 receipts put in a pile but got distracted and had to clean the file drawer, fixed some lunch and then had to clean the kitchen, and My Bob keeps talking to me.  I don't have time to listen or talk back. 
So do you see my problem?  I am not going to get everything done on my list and I wish I could just say, "Oh well", but instead I get very anxious.  One thing I have started making myself do is to stop it all at 8:00 at night, no matter what is left hanging on my list, and I go to my sewing room and relax.  And by relax, I mean knit, sew, make a pincushion, do something creative and fun while I watch TV. 
Now tomorrow, Austin and Melissa and boys are coming up to finish cleaning out the old house and get it ready to rent and/or sell.  Of course I'll help.  I already promised the boys I'd make mac 'n cheese and bake chocolate chip cookies.  Then I'll help with the cleaning. 
But you know what?  I'm well aware that my problem is a good one and I'm lucky to have this problem.  I'm not living in a city destroyed by an earthquake.  I have a beautiful, healthy family that loves me and wants to be with me.  I'm not homeless and in need of food or shelter.  I'm so grateful to be who I am.  So I'll deal with my fortunate problems.


Becca said...

Hi Nina ... nice to meet you, too !! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet (and funny) note. Your husband sounds like mine ... never knows what he's going to come home to or wake up to !! LOL. I love sharing my addiction with so many fellow ADD'ers (love that new word). I loved your post ... you hit the nail on the head with so many of us ... start out doing one thing on our list of many and end up doing things not even on the list. Take care, Becca

Anonymous said...

I was about 50 when I came to terms with my ADD and OCD. It was my teacher daughter that brought it to my attention. Realizing just how right she was, it sure took pressure off of me. I'm not as hard on myself as I used to be as I fritter from one task to another. The OCD can take on a life of its own and I've learned to laugh at myself.

Those people in your life that love you accept and love you just as you are. Don't be hard on yourself if stuff gets half way done, you'll eventually complete the task, just in your own time frame.

Hugs, Marla

DJan said...

Now talk about minds working alike: I just finished a post about OCD and then found yours! Really! And yes, there's a little OCD and ADD mixed in together. My boss had ADD so he would have a dozen different things to work on until he tired of it, then moved to another. You do get it all done, but I worry about you wearing yourself out!! And you are a very valuable person. Glad you can stop when you get tired.

Theresa said...

HI Nina, I have a little bit of all of those problems and it really doesn't bother me so... perhaps I have an additional problem:) OH well, I do tend to make a list that never seems to get finished because I get side-tracked doing something else! Many times if I didn't have a list, I wouldn't be able to get anything done! Anyway, hang in there. I, like you, am thankful for problems that I have which are small in comparison! Hugs (((((((((()))))))))

Margaret said...

It is far too hot here to be running around like that . I like your enthusiasm. Keep it up and go like crazy all the time, it makes life worthwhile.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I think we all get into that cycle sometimes and it can be really frustrating until you look at what you got done instead of what you didn't get done. That small area is don't have to look at it again. That always makes me feel better. blessings, marlene

Valerie said...

Fantastic post, Nina. It's sooo ME! I am more in control of things now but I have been known to take hours to do one-leading-to-twenty jobs. But hey, I'm with you on being thankful for who I am and what I have.

Valerie said...

Hi Nina, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I'm glad you found me again.

FYI my main blog is A Mixed Bag ... or
Sorry for the great length of the addy...grins


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