Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life is a Series of Ups and Downs

Life is just so fickle, isn't it?  One day can be so good, and the next day, not so much.  I remember when I was a little girl, I used to keep a daily diary.  Each day I would start off the entry with, "Today was a good day", or "Today was a terrible day".  I guess the good thing that tells is that if you're having a bad day, don't get too down about it, because it will change.  Well, that's how the past three days have been for me.
Sunday was a great day.  It was a beautiful autumn day.

 The colors outside were so pretty and the temperature was cool, which made it feel even warmer and cozier inside.  I got up early to start preparing lunch for the whole family:  Austin, Melissa and the boys, Dee and Riley, and Mom and Dad.  Austin and his family had not had a chance to see their new little niece and cousin  (Riley) since she's been in town.  I was so happy making two pans of lasagna, homemade pear crisp from  pears off the tree in the front yard, salad, garlic bread and apple cider.  Everyone showed up between 12:30 and 1:00, after church.  I would have gone to church, but I needed the time to cook.
We had a wonderful afternoon.  Everyone taking turns holding Riley.  She is such a sweet baby doll.

Mom and Dad with Riley

Dad with his 3 great-grandchildren

The boys are so funny.  They come up with the darndest things.  Logan wanted to know if Riley would turn into a little boy when she got older so he could play with him.  Oh my gosh!  That was so cute!

Melissa and Dee (DIL's)

Dee and Riley then left for Pittsburgh to her parents house for a few days.  Now she's back in town for two days until we leave for Cincinnati to my brother's house for a big Oktoberfest Party that he and his wife are having.  It will be fun.  More on that later.

It was a great family Sunday.  And I'll hold onto that, because Monday was not so pleasant. 
It was a good news/bad news thing.  The bad news far outweighing the good. 
Our accountant called and told us that because our income was up we have to come up with a lot (I mean a lot) more money that we owe in taxes.  My Bob is just in the worst mood now.  He's ranting and raving about taxes, the IRS, the crooks in Washington, and on and on.  He'll get this out of his system and will eventually be fine, but right now he's a bear to be around.  I don't blame him and I feel his stress.  We live a nice life, but in no way an extravagant one.  Being self employed just comes with it's own issues.  He works so hard and then he almost feels punished for all his hard work.  He's rambling now that he's just going to go live out in the woods in a tent and not have to deal with this stuff.  OH My Gosh!  He'll calm down, but I almost wish he would go into the woods for a few days.  I feel like I need to help somehow, but how?  I'm trying to offer any help in the way of support.  Then I feel like I should go out and find a "real" job.  But I work now for our business, so that would suffer if I wasn't here doing it.  I just don't get a pay check or any money that you can actually see. 
Today My Bob is busy with work and then decided to go downstairs to lift weights.  I hope that helps just a little.  But as I said earlier, things will change and I know we'll go back to being the happy family of a few days ago. 


DJan said...

That must be really hard on you, Nina. Going out and getting a job is not the right thing to do, because then you'd need to pay even more to the government. It's criminal that those people who have too much of everything seem to pay little to no taxes, while the rest of us pay dearly! I feel his pain, and yours.

Rae said...

Hopefully your good days outweigh the bad ones. I understand that tax issue. It always made me mad when I was working because it seemed so unfair that so much came out of my check each week and I still had to pay again on April 15th. How is that the really really rich pay less than those of us that work hard for a living? I guess they have all those loopholes.

Theresa said...

Good stuff-bad stuff, we all have those days. I get thru it by saying to myself... this too shall pass. Hopefully it will get all better soon:)

Lily Robinson said...

You should get a pay check. He can claim your salary as a business expense. Your income tax would be lower. Talk to the accountant about that.

Did you know Cincy is only about 40 minutes from our farm? You should stop in!

Julie said...

Sunday sounded like an awesome day. You have a beautiful family and that little baby is so sweet! On to Monday....oh my that is not good news. My sister and her husband were told that they owed
50k in taxes since they had not had enough taken out last year. My sister went to a different accountant/tax guy, one who used to be an IRS agent. He was able to find loopholes and deductions the other one couldn't find. When he was done they owed nothing. I would get a "second opinion." Just my .02. And pray about it. Good luck.

Valerie said...

Times are hard, especially for the self employed. I hope the temper cools soon, at least enough to think rationally. Chin up, keep your thoughts on that delightful baby, and keep your worrying to specific times, like yesterday. My philosphy is 'I will worry about that tomorrow' ... it eases the tension and somehow things seem easier by 'tomorrow'.

Grandma Lizzie's House said...

Isn't it great how babies just seem to bring everyone together. I love your blog.

blushing rose said...

What a beautiful family ... loving moments of togetherness. Your outdoor pics are fabulous.

Have a warm wonderful week. TTFN ~ Marydon


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