Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Perfect Day

I got it! Finally! My quiet, alone weekend. All the stars aligned and I wasn't about to let anything get in it's way if I could help it. And as an added bonus, the weather was perfect. It rained on Saturday, but that's what was perfect, because I wanted to work on some of my sewing projects and if the sun had been out I am pulled beyond my control to go outside. So it was perfect. It was just My Bob and I at home and he did his thing (working out and computer work) and I did mine (sewing while watching TV) and we hardly crossed paths or spoke. Very unusual. And it was a good, contented feeling, not a "stay away from me" feeling. Then Bob and Austin (oldest son) went to visit a good friend of the family that invited them to his house for a "man's party" as he had ordered the Ultimate Fighting Championship from Pay Per View for the night. I can't stand that stuff. I don't know how anyone can watch it, but obviously a lot of people do. Since the friend lives about two hours away and the fight didn't even start until 10:00 pm, they spent the night. Yipee!! I think only if you've been happily married (and I stress Happily so you don't get the wrong idea) for 30 years (well, mostly happy, that's a long time to be always happy) would you understand my Yipee. I did have to interrupt my quiet evening alone for a few hours since I promised my mother I would go with her to her cousin's 50th wedding anniversary dinner. Dad couldn't go. The dinner was very good, the people - so-so. Even though they're relatives I get the feeling they don't like me too well. Just a feeling. They're not warm and fuzzy at all. Just a woman's intuition kind of feeling I get. So when I got home about 8:00 I sewed my little heart out until 1:00 a.m. with the only interruption being to let the dogs out to "potty".
I had the best night's sleep. No aching back in the morning, no snoring to keep me awake in the middle of the night, no yanking the covers back to my side. Separate bedrooms sounds like a very good idea to me, but My Bob would never go for it. And when I woke up this morning, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and it was warm enough at 8:00 a.m. to sit on my deck and drink my coffee. Heaven on a Sunday morning. This is my morning coffee spot on nice summer mornings.

And this is what I look at. Lots of boats out today.
The rest of my morning routine consists of feeding my birds. I get this little yellow one that comes by quite often and I think it's so cute. I don't know what it is. I need to get a bird book so I can look the birds up by picture and I'll sound a little more intelligent about my birds. I'm that way about flowers, too. I love them and plant them all over the place, but I don't always remember the name of them all. I just know what looks good and if deer will eat them.

Then I feed my cat, Callie. She lives by herself downstairs because she doesn't like the dogs and she really doesn't like people, either. Just the immediate family will she tolerate. She'll try to bite any one else that tries to pet her or pick her up. I put her outside on nice days and she wanders around the yard a little bit then finds a safe place to nap away. Right now it's under the shaded table on the deck. We'd like her to chase away the chipmunks, but she's not interested.

I then water all my deck flowers. I didn't have to do too much of that this morning since it rained yesterday. My final morning chore that is new in the last few weeks is feeding my ducks. We noticed in the spring these eight little newborn ducklings down by our dock. We would watch them every morning come around and shortly there were only six. That was very sad. So we've continued to watch them grow all spring and summer and once in a while we would take bread down to the lake and feed them. I now lovingly call them my M.R. Duck Family. As in M R Ducks, no M not, yes M are, M R Ducks. Get it? Then the grandsons really enjoy feeding them and so they became very used to us. Now each morning when I walk out onto the back deck they are waiting down in the lake for me and as soon as they see me they come running up through the back yard all the way up to the driveway under the deck. So of course I have to feed them. "They" say you shouldn't do that, but I can't resist them. I miss them if they aren't waiting for me in the morning. After I'm done feeding them I tell them "all gone" and they turn around and waddle back to the lake. So Cute!

It's now 3:30 and my glorious, quiet day is almost over. Just the quiet part, hopefully not the glorious part. Bob should be back anytime now. I'm planning on making strawberry shortcake for later. There's something about strawberry shortcake on a sunny summer day that is so comfy. And now I'm renewed and ready for the week ahead. I have a feeling it's going to be a busy one. These little breaks sure do help. Next time I have a complaining day I need to look back on this post on this day and these pictures to remind myself how very lucky I am.


Rae said...

What a beautiful post and congrats to you on a well deserved respite. Your photos are lovely.

SquirrelQueen said...

It does sound like you have had the perfect day and enjoyed every minute of it.
The photos are so beautiful, you have a great yard.
Have a great week,

Lillian Robinson said...

I can so relate! As much as I love my family and friends, I savor my time alone.

Separate beds are wonderful! When Hubby injured his shoulders and then I got sick and was coughing all through the night, he started sleeping downstairs on a fairly regular basis. We both get a good night's sleep now, instead of keeping each other from needed rest. I don't wake up cold in the middle of the night because someone stole the covers! And since he's a morning person and I'm definitely not, it works out for us. I keep asking him when he's going to move his clothes down there and let me have his closet...

Al said...

OH how nice, to sit on the deck and have a nice hot of coffee while watching the lake covered with sunshine!


Historical sites with charmine said...

Hi Nina,thanks for coming by my blog and it's nice that you went through my posts and left those sweet comments.
Glad you had such a lovely time by yourself.I think every one needs a little ME time to remain sane.That is such a lovely spot out on the deck and what a splendid view of the lake.I love ducks,we had them at home when i was growing up.Have an enjoyable day.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful place you have, and the weekend sounds like a dream. I love alone time, and now that I'm retired I have plenty.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Good for you! I'm glad you got the alone time you craved. You live in such a beautiful place. Great spot for morning coffee! Twyla


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