Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The 4th and Beyond

My precious little firecracker.
The holiday weekend is over and it's back to regular every day life. Our 4th was nice, but I almost hate to say, I'm glad it's over. It just gets to be busy and hectic and loud and I look forward to the calm and quiet. We had rain on Friday, so everything was very wet for Saturday, but there was no more rain. It was just very chilly. The fireworks out over the lake were great, and we sat on our peninsula and on our boat for the perfect view, while we shivered under sweatshirts and blankets. We have the most ideal fireworks viewing spot on the lake and we've had some pretty good 4th of July parties in the past. This year, though, was a little bit low key, which was actually nice. It was just the family, but of course my son Brandon wasn't here as he has already moved to Spokane. Diana, his wife, was only here with Riley for about an hour as her grandfather is very ill and her family spent the day at his home with him. My dad also wanted to bring Grandpa over from the nursing home to enjoy the family for a few hours. Grandpa loves being around the kids and family and eating food other than nursing home food. Grandma wouldn't let him leave her. My dad was so upset with his mother about this. Grandpa is 93 and his mind is failing, but is physically in very good shape. Grandma is the opposite. Also 93, her mind is sharp as a tack, but physically she is very bad. She can't do anything on her own, weighs 75 pounds and is in constant pain which so far the doctors can't find a real reason for. Grandpa is not allowed to help her in or out of bed or to the bathroom because they both have been know to fall down when he does this. But no matter, she doesn't want him out of her sight. It's a very sad situation all the way around for everybody. And then Logan, my 4 year old grandson, ended up with strep throat and so he only came for a short time in the evening to see the fireworks. He loves the water and swimming. I felt so bad for him to miss out on the day. It was not one of our best 4th of July celebrations, but we still enjoyed the family and the day that we had.
I should knock on wood or something when I say this; it hasn't rained since Friday. YEAAA! It's been very nice, although not real warm. About 70 degrees and sunny. Austin, my oldest son the Air Force Recruiter, had Monday off, so he brought Logan out to swim in the lake. Logan is feeling much better and he really wanted to swim. He's only 4, and never goes in the water without his swimmy vest, but I really want to get him into swim lessons at the YMCA.
Last night, my neighbor and her step-daughter had a jewelry party I went to. It was "Stella and Dot" jewelry. I had never heard of it before and it's very nice, I just didn't need any more jewelry. I got a sweet little key hole heart necklace just because I felt obligated to get something. It was very nice to get together with 9 other women and sit on the patio and small talk, so it was worth it.
Today Dee and Riley came back from their last 2-1/2 days in Pittsburgh with her parents. I miss little Riley when I don't see her for a couple of days. The day I leave them in Spokane to finally be in their new home with Daddy, will be a very hard day for me. We won't think about that yet.
I took my little black poodle, Ellie Mae, to the vet first thing this morning for her annual teeth cleaning. She is 10 years old and her teeth are very bad. She loses about 5 teeth every time I get them cleaned. She barely has any teeth left, but her breath smells a lot better. For now.


MzzLily said...

Poor thing... 5 teeth is a lot!

Nancy said...

Your granddaughter is just adorable! So cute all dressed up for the Fourth. I want to join you next year for the fireworks. We passed on going to them here as the Fourth is just too crowded. Last year people lined up at 5:00 a.m. for a place on one of the beaches!

Sorry about the grandpa not being able to join in the fun. Seniors can be so difficult sometimes.

Grandma J said...

That baby is the cutest! I want to pinch her cheeks. Sitting all bundled up in a boat on a cool evening sounds so good to me right now, with our hot humid weather.

I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for your dad with his parents. It's heartbreaking on so many levels.

The jewelry party sounded like it was just what you needed, and fun too.

DJan said...

Nina, your heartfelt description of a very mixed holiday. I find holidays also to be tiring, when I'm visiting my family, that is. I am hoping that the move away of part of your family will not be so wrenching and you'll be able to see them often. Do you have Skype or iChat? It's such a great way to visit and actually to see them.

Animals become a part of our family but they just don't live long enough for me! It does make them awfully precious while we have them. You're a good mom and grandmother and I hope they appreciate you as much as I do!

Rae said...

What a sweet baby photo. So cute.

Happy@Home said...

It sounds like you do have a perfect spot for fireworks viewing. Maybe we could swap weather for a while . . . ours has been in the 90s and no rain for 3 weeks. I'm getting tired of dragging the hose around. Your granddaughter is adorable and I love her patriotic outfit.

SquirrelQueen said...

Aww, that is just the cutest outfit on the cutest baby ... ever!

It sounds like a exciting mostly fun weekend. Sorry Grandpa couldn't come and be part of it.

Hopefully you can get some "me" time and relax a little.

Take care,

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Poor little Ellie Mae. We had a poodle who lived to be almost 16. His teeth was bad and we were told it contributed to his kidney failure. You are very wise to clean her teeth so diligently. Twyla

charmine said...

HI,Nina you have so much going on here but kiddo is looking so sweet.Thanks for your nice comments on my blog.HAVE A FUN DAY.

Connie said...

You are going through a difficult time right now. I was there, also, but it was my husband and my mother at the same time.
Don't you feel like you are tied to a string and someone is spinning you around in the air ? Then, it was all over and I found I missed the other patients~~ talking to them and helping them around. We are either too busy or not enough. I am on the second stage and that's why I live on the computer. Besides, I always say it keeps our brains working.
Glad you had a nice 4th with part of your family and that little cutie.
come see me anytime. Enjoy the weather!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love, love, love that picture. Teething is so hard for some babies! I will pray for her!


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