Thursday, June 18, 2009

Part Two - The Bad News

O.K., so the weekend was great, but then along came Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. They say you have to have the bad with the good. You can't appreciate the ups without the downs. For every hill there's a valley. You get my drift.
Just a brief little history: My DIL Melissa's 29 year old brother, Ronnie, from New York, was temporarily staying with Melissa here in town while recovering from a back disability. Last Friday he had to return to NY for a few days for a doctor's appointment and was to return on Monday. He used my son, Austin's, Blazer for the trip since Austin was not returning from San Antonio until last night (Wednesday). Melissa was becoming worried that he hadn't been in touch with her on Monday and finally received a phone call that he had been in a very serious accident and was in intensive care in a hospital outside of Binghampton, NY. The Blazer was totalled and towed to the junk yard. We live four hours from said hospital. Very early Tuesday morning Melissa brought the boys here and left for NY.
Also on Monday evening, my little Fergie boy became very sick with vomiting and diarhea and he only weighs 5 pounds to start with. He probably ate something bad outside ie: dead bird, dead fish, deer or goose poop are some of his favorites. So in addition to the very busy and demanding 3 and 4 year old boys, I was cleaning up Fergie's messes all day. Toward the end of the day he just stayed in his little bed and slept. I called the vet, but by evening the worst seemed to be over. The poor little thing can't weight any more than 4 pounds now.
Now on top of all this, I developed a headache like I had never had before. I don't know if it was from stress, sinus, or a migraine, but it felt like knives stabbing the right side of my head. My Bob is a great grandfather and a big help with the boys. He took them down to the lake and Logan loves to be thrown off the dock and swim his way back. Landen doesn't like the water and just enjoys standing on the dock and watching. But Bob had to go on some appointments in the afternoon and the boys were left with only me. I'm not quite as much fun as "Grandpa Bobby" and it takes me a while to settle them down. So with tears in my eyes I was busy and on my feet all day.
To put into perspective, though, I wasn't laying in intensive care in a hospital in New York.
I feel like I didn't sleep Tuesday night due to the killer headache, and of course the boys were up at about 7:00 am. It rained all day so we had an inside play day, which I had to remind them is a lot quieter and calmer than an outside play day. Fergie seemed much better, though, and I found some sinus pills that helped.
Melissa came back home by about 4:00 in the afternoon on Wednesday, picked up a pizza on her way here to pick up the boys which was a great answer to "what am I going to make for dinner?"
Shortly after she left with the boys to go home, Bob left for Pittsburgh to pick Austin up at the airport. I feel so bad for him in that he was so excited to get back home from San Antonio after 8 weeks of Air Force Recruiter training and he missed his family so much, but he had to come back to this terrible news and uphevel and no car.
Uncle Ronnie is out of intensive care and they say he can go home on Friday. My question that I'm afraid to ask right now is, home to where? He is single, has been living with his father in NY until recently staying at Melissa and Austin's, and is going to now require a lot of care and help. Is he coming back here for Melissa and Austin to take care of or is he going back to his father's? I don't feel like my thoughts and feelings are in the right place about this right now. Regardless, it's not my problem (directly) and it's not my decision and there's nothing I can do about it anyway. I'll just have to work on my thinking and deal. Maybe I need to take something stronger than sinus pills - what do you think?


Historical sites with charmine said...

SOrry about your bad news,glad ronnie is a little better.Poor fergie hope he is up & about soon.What a cosy bed you made him!
I've had connection problems all week & couldn't stay in touch,just catching up now.

I have a travel blog do stop by some time.

Lillian Robinson said...

How terrible! I'm glad he is doing better. I'll say a prayer for him and you too! That sounds a lot like my life. God gives me daily what I need to deal with it.

And here's something that will make you feel all better... You've been tagged! Check out my essays blog for the details.

Let us know how things work out. We do care, you know :)



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