Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What Am I About?

I have so many things and thoughts in my head I would like to share. As a fairly young, modern, grandmother, I feel I have some wit and wisdom that others may be interested in, or you probably have thoughts and ideas of your own to share. As a 51 year old female from the baby boom generation, there are so many women out there that can relate to me and me to them and our voice isn't one that's heard. Sure, there are the women celebrities whose voices we hear all the time, but I don't feel they are able to relate to the real world and real life. They are all treated and looked upon as experts in different areas such as being a mother, homemaking, organizing, decorating, fitness and exercise, etc. But when you have nannies, maids, professional decorators, gardeners, personal trainers, and excess money to do it all, how is this real life? We need to hear from real women, with real issues, and we have to figure out how to do on our own with probably limited resources to do it all with.
Having said all that, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Nina Knox and I live on a beautiful lake, Treasure Lake, in DuBois, a small town in Western Pennsylvania . You can read my profile to fill in the blanks. It's April 8, but winter feels like it's still here today. Some snow on the ground and very cold. I have a lot of gardening and outside work I'd like to get started on, but I don't go out in the cold.
Yesterday was my son's (Austin's) 28th birthday. I can't believe he's that old. I don't feel that much older than when he was born. I had a family dinner last night for him. My Mom and Dad; Austin and wife, Melissa, and his 2 sons, Logan and Landen; daughter-in-law, Diana; Bob and I. Austin's choice for dinner was homemade chicken pot pie, salad, biscuits and hot fudge and peanut butter sundaes. It turned out pretty good.
Bob's been getting some bad news about his mother who lives in Harrison, Ohio, outside of Cincinnati. Bob's sisters have been reporting back to him. Mother Millie has some spots on her pancreas and lungs and biopsies were performed yesterday. We're waiting on results and are worried.
I finished a knitted scarf that I was working on. It's a summer scarf that I wanted to make to go with a new skirt that I just got. May wear it for Easter.
And what about American Idol last night? I'm very addicted and love Adam. I think he's very sexy, even though I could be his mother and he's gay. He's still sexy. I think Lil or Scott will be leaving tonight.
*News Flash* - Sun just came out!! WOO HOO!! That feels better.
Gotta get some ironing done. Mostly Bob's shirts. It's hard to keep up with these. Oprah's on in 15 minutes, so that's a good time to iron.
Don't know what to have for dinner. It'll just be me and Bob. Diana (Dee), who lives with us right now, will be having dinner at her grandmother's tonight. So something light and simple sounds good. Maybe an omelette.


MzzLily said...

I am looking forward to 'hearing' what you have to say. And I'm proud to be your first follower! We seem to be somewhat like-minded.

MzzLily said...

I forgot to thank you for visiting my blog. Forgive me. I love knowing that people take the time to read what I post. I'd love for you to check out my other two blogs and tell me what you think. They are on a more serious nature. (sorta) There are links on the site you are following.


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