Tuesday, April 28, 2009

San Antonio and "My Boys"

We just got back from San Antonio late Sunday evening. Our youngest son, Brandon, graduated from Air Force Basic Training, #2 Honor Graduate out of a class of 790. We were two very proud parents. Brandon's very pregnant wife, Diana, was also with us, and they were sooo excited to see each other.

Brandon and Diana

Our oldest son, Austin, just left for San Antonio Monday morning to start his 2 month Air Force recruiter training school. His wife, Melissa, and his two sons, Logan and Landen, are going to miss him, and vice versa, but it's all for the good.

Bob and I are so proud of both of our boys. We can think back to when they were 15 through 20 years old and the many hours of grief that they put us through. Now they are 26 and 27 and are wonderful men, husbands, sons, fathers. Being a parent can be such a difficult job, but it is so rewarding when you look at your adult children and are so amazed at the beautiful people they have become. I'm proud of them, but also proud of us for now realizing that we did a good job after all.

Me, Brandon and Bob

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StitchinByTheLake said...

I know exactly how you feel! The teen years can be heart wrenching but, thank goodness, adulthood follows quickly. What wonderful young men you have! blessings, marlene


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